Newly Cisco Certified!

Cisco is the worldwide leader in IP networking solutions. These products range from routers and switches to IP telephone systems and wireless LAN controllers. Everything being able to interface with one another seamlessly.

We have recently become a Select Certified Cisco Partner giving us the ability to provide quality Cisco products and solutions to our customers with the full backing of Cisco resources. We offer Cisco solutions that can help you become more efficient, and increase productivity with your company.

Contacts us today about what we can do for you with Cisco.

Samsung Telephone Systems

The Samsung 7000 series of business telephone products provides reliable communications and advanced features for a great price. The 7000 series introduces evolutionary converged communications giving the user abilities to use analog, digital, and IP telephones all within the same telephone system.

Samsung leads the industry with a full coverage 5 year warranty on all it's telephone products(Excluding SMT-i series IP telephones which have a 3 year warranty). This includes Lightning protection as well so if a telephone system is damaged from lightning the system is replaced for no additional material cost.

This telephone system can give you everything you need in an advanced telephone system but at a great price that wont break the bank. visit our Telephone Systems page to read more.


Axis Security Cameras


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The world leader in security camera products. TNG is able to offer full Axis security camera systems to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your security and access control needs.


American Power Conversion (APC)


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Guaranteed Efficiency and durability in ensuring that your small business doesn't have any roadblocks from poor quality power supplies by other companies. APC is an internationally recognized brand with an even more prestigious history of excellence in its field.