Wireless Cell Booster Solutions

TNG has several different options for warehouse, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. We can enhance coverage and signal for the entire building or specific areas. The need for constant access to wireless communications is growing every day, and it is becoming more and more important to have those facilities available to everyone in your building or office space.

Staying connected is not an option, but a necessity for successful business. Let TNG use its expertise and show you how you can have good usable cellular service throughout your building.

This wireless system can give you everything you need in an advanced wireless system but at a great price that wont break the bank. visit our wireless Systems page to read more.

Wireless Cell Booster Solutions Continued

High-rise systems are multi-floor configurations. These systems need to be designed and calculated for proper performance. Let us design your system and solve your weak cell signal problems. You can trust that your critical and non-critical wireless communications will benefit greatly from a customer designed wireless cellular booster system.

The Cellular Boost Systems are scalable and able to be implemented all at once or in stages, one floor or 20 floors. Let us show you how to cost effectively solve your large high-rise or other commercial cell signal problems.