Air & Cooling Solutions

Aisle Containment products maximize the effectiveness of InRow cooling solutions for low to high density racked IT loads. Available in rack or aisle level configurations, these products are designed to completely separate the supply and return air paths of the IT equipment. Ideal for any IT environment, the air separation ensures the warmest possible air is being returned to the InRow cooling units, which further increases the efficiency, capacity, and predictability of the cooling system. Aisle containment is available for 300mm, 600mm, 750mm wide NetShelter Racks, UPS/PDU, and InRow Cooling products. Front containment can also be added to the rack configuration for additional isolation and noise dampening.

Air & Cooling Continued

Inconsistent and high temperatures can lower the expected life of, and permanently damage your electronic equipment. IT refreshes and equipment relocation result in unpredictable and ever-changing environments. The NetworkAIR PA provides portable cooling for your sensitive electronic equipment to meet the environmental demands of small rooms and data closets.

This self-contained solution does not require an external condenser, refrigerant piping, or building water source for operation. Heat is rejected to a drop ceiling or adjacent area via a flexible duct kit. The NetworkAIR PA can be installed quickly and inexpensively, without the need for building modifications.